Where to Use Custom Explainer Videos?

where to use custom explainer videos

What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video is a short video that aims to advertise how something works in an easy and appealing manner. The Explainer Videos are generally utilized as marketing videos to determine the advantages of the product and services and to increase sales or sign-ups.

Custom Explainer Videos is a custom make explainer video which are also admirable for explanatory and academic purposes; to communicate thoughts, concepts and company’s rules and agreements such as health and safety training and instructions.

An Explainer Video generally lasts between 45 to 90 seconds and will support an exclusive communicative script and an attractive visual style to grab the attention of viewers. Video content is now becoming a marketing requirement, whether to gain new potential customers who are progressively starving for the video content or to get along with your competitors. Between all the content, Custom Explainer videos emerge as one of the most successful and efficient marketing strategies. These Videos could be a white-board animation or 2D or 3D animated Explainer video, performs incomparably well for many different kinds of businesses, considering that they are well organized and distinctive.

These days, you can expeditiously create an explainer video utilizing the free online animation software and post it to the different video sharing platforms. Publishing and making use of those videos gracefully, on the flip side, are two completely different aspects. You can create interesting and incredible white-board explainer videos also, but it is unexpected that you gain most revenue out of them in case you don’t even know how and where to utilize them. So, without delay here are several reliable and approved methods for using an explainer video in the best way.

1. Home Page:-

Your Website home page is usually the primary impression you create on your new customers. So, apparently, you want it to be perfect. When a person visits your website and is unaware about your product and services you are offering, they will desire to see what type or products and services you are offering to them. This is where your homepage comes to light. An Explainer video on the homepage of your website is an extremely efficient way to display the sales pitch, features and mission statement of the company without requesting visitors to read next.  You can make a video that describes what visitors can expect from the website and what action they should take next.

2. Landing Page:-

According to an analysis, adding a Custom Explainer video on your marketing landing page can enhance conversion rates by more than up to 80%. By adding a video on your landing page, you not only enhance your conversion rates but also reduce bounce rates. The visitors who are curious about your products and services will be more likely to buy it once they recognize what you are providing in your explainer videos.

3. Blogs:-

By broadcasting an extensive text-based blog, you will force your visitors away from your website, resulting in a compelling decrease in your time on site. Most of the top blogs presently add images and videos to motivate readers to communicate with them. A survey found that 75% of the website visitors go for watching explainer videos over written text. So, it is clear that most of the people like to watch explainer videos, and they are a great way to boost your conversion rates. The essence of a white-board explainer video, into your blog will create the content more explainable, upgrade your brand image, and enhance your rankings in Google search engine results.

4. Social Media and Video Sharing Platforms:-

Additionally to sharing each and every single detail about your products and services, you should think about the user-friendly systems and share something about your corporate values that the visitors of your website might discover. By doing this action, you will be creating a strong relationship with your target audience, which will sooner or later bring about a boost in trust, which will increase conversion rate in the future. You should think about placing a video on your “about us” page.

5. Education and Training Purpose:-

The employees and colleagues working in your organization are back off due to an absence of encouragement and awareness of what your organization expects from them. You can explain complicated concepts to your target audience with the help of a custom explainer video. You can also utilize similar characteristics to provide the training to your employees to be more creative and give better results.

6.  Email Marketing:-

A lengthy email can frequently disturb your list. Although, the objective of your business is not only to sell products and services and communicate all relevant and important details through email. You can also manage your list to your landing page or a product data sheet by adding a video, which will assist you increase the conversion rate per email. After including the video, you will observe a greater click-through rate.

7. Paid Ads:-

If you are using paid ads, it means running a movement without knowing what you are doing can rapidly waste your money. So, you want to do each and every single thing attainable to multiply your return on investment (ROI). If you point out the conservative audience, developing a custom video can outstandingly enhance your return on investment (ROI). You should use videos to communicate particular information to your target audience so that they are encouraged to act after watching your video.

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