These types of Animated Videos are used to explain your skills, professional background or experience and qualification just like the resume which is composed of the text. However, the biggest difference between the animated resume video and traditional text resume is the level of engagement. You can impress your potential employers through your animated resume video.
You can pair up your Animated Video Resume along with the traditional one to facilitate your employer. You can use these animated resume videos for supplementing your text based traditional resume so as to stand out among your competitors and you can get your dream job through these videos.

Why to Create Animated Resume Video

In today’s competitive job market, creating a traditional resume is not enough and you should do something else to get your dream job through standing out in the job market. Now, let’s get to know how your employer will be more interested in watching your Animated Video Resume as compared to the traditional one. For example, you are the employer and have received resumes of some candidates. Then, would you like to read through the explanatory and detailed resume or will you find it interesting to watch animated fun-filled resume videos? Exactly like you, employers like to watch Animated Resume Videos as compared to read through the detailed text based traditional resume of candidates. You can be on the top of the viewing list among your competitors if you provide the employer with an Animated Video Resume along with the traditional text resume.

These videos display your capabilities because in video resumes, you can add the pictures of your projects or your work that you have completed previously. In this way, you can prove and communicate your skills. Your ability to portray your skills through the use of animations and motion graphics, voice-over and text on screen, can stand you out in the job market.
Do you think that employers plan to spend their hours reading through the heap of traditional resumes? The answer is simply “No”. Recruiters do not take more than a minute to go through your resume. So, you should make something precise and brief enough to impress the employer in such a short span. So, you should opt for the Animated Video Resume in order to grab the attention of the employer towards your resume and they will get to see all the information about your skills, qualification and professional experience along with being entertained.

Highlight Your Skills with Animated Resume Video

The Animated Video Resume depicts your direct and professional view through highlighting your skills, qualifications and professional experience. You can easily highlight your personal and professional skills through incorporating the images or video of your previously successfully completed projects in animated resume video.

Better Understanding and Presentation

You can easily edit the Animated Video Resume if you need to tailor it according to the respective job opening. Your message becomes easily understandable through the use of animated resume video because you can present and highlight your qualification and professional experience in a more effective way.

Why Choose "99 Explainer Video"

If you are looking for the job and willing to grab the attention of the recruiters, then, you should opt for getting your Animated Resume Video created by us. We have experts who can create your stunning resume with which you can stand out in the job market. We use many useful assets and graphics that grasp the attention of the employers. Handing over the project of making your creative and effective resume to us, will save your time and we will incorporate tremendous animations to help you highlight your skills and your professional experience along with your qualification. We interpret the scripted content of the resume on the animated canvas which will ultimately grab the attention of your employer.

Committed to Clients

We are proud of our outstanding experience with customers and matchless practical approach. In order to achieve high satisfaction of customers, we collect the feedback of our clients at each step of the production which inspires them towards our highly compiled and satisfactory services.


We follow our ambitious mission and vision by working together and we are always ready to deal with the challenges that may come up during the production of explainer videos. Together we strive to meet the targets even in adverse or challenging circumstances.

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We strive to produce such explainer videos that are innovative, creative and up-to-date in order to ensure that the audience remains engaged while watching the video. Expert illustrators and animators of our company make it possible to maintain the high standard and quality of the explainer videos by considering that the message involved in the videos capture the attention of the audience.


We are flexible as we satisfy the requirements of all the businesses regardless of their industry. We produce videos according to the highlighted needs and specifications of our clients. We consider obstacles and challenges as a way to grow and take it as an opportunity to compete in the market.

Effective Process and Management

We have an effective team of managers and directors who are responsible for ensuring that the deadlines are met and the clients get their “Animated Resume Explainer Video” in a timely manner. We make use of clarity, effective communication and user friendliness while dealing with our project team which keeps them motivated and they focus on the vision and the target of the company.

How Do We Make Animated Resume Video?

We have a highly skilled and professional team who have the experience of creating animated resume explainer videos. We portray your success, stories, qualification achievements and professional experience in a way that keeps the employer engaged and they find it easier to get to know about you in detail in a short time span. Afterwards, we pen down the script which consists of useful information and messages that needs to be conveyed via the animated resume video. Then, the style and storyboard is selected and the images are animated to produce a final animated resume explainer video for you!

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