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These are the videos which make use of moving graphics that are developed professionally and these videos do not contain any animated characters. Infographic videos is another name for “Motion Graphic Explainer Videos”. These videos incorporate the transition, shift and morph of graphics in different things. These videos usually emphasize on the processes and concepts and compel the focus on graphics, kinetic typography, facts and ideas.
You can easily understand the functionality of these videos through its name as it implies that these are the videos which incorporate moving icons, objects or other elements for the visual explanation of ideas and for illustrating the important points. Businesses are increasingly opting for motion graphics for marketing their services or products. These videos help the product or service marketing strategy because they allow you to animate still objects and images like dashboards, graphs and charts. Both the 3D and 2D images or objects are used in these videos and they are animated to gather attention of the viewers.
Motion Graphic Explainer Videos give life to boring and motionless images or objects which makes it exciting and interesting for the audience. These videos further emphasize on the illustration of complex concepts and facts which can be made understandable for the audience through dividing into simpler bricks. Through these videos, large data can be set in motion and dynamics can be added to dry and motionless statistics which makes it easy for the audience to understand the statistics or any other complex concept along with gaining their interest and they remain engaged while watching the video.

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We have a skilled and professional team here who is expert in creating motion graphics videos in a way that they grab the attention of its viewers and they make these videos interesting enough that the viewers watch them till the end. Once you choose us to get your motion graphics videos produced, then, it becomes our responsibility to handle the entire project i.e. from research work to the voice over and adding sound effects. Our customers have always been satisfied with the projects we completed for them.
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Why Choose "Motion Graphic Explainer Videos"?​

At present, businesses are increasingly using motion graphic videos due to the countless advantages it gives to their business through improving their promotional process. You can use motion graphics throughout your sales journey because of its versatility. You can successfully help different phases of the sales funnel including loyalty, awareness, decision and interest. And, according to different phases you can opt for different communication strategies which are enclosed in motion graphic videos. 

1. Better Customer’s Reach

You can get a higher reach of your audience if you use motion graphics videos as your service or product’s promotional medium because it can ultimately increase your sales. If you are willing to grab the attention of your prospective buyers and you want to share the video of a how-to tutorial for your former customers, then, you are right in choosing motion graphic videos for you! Motion graphic videos are being used in almost every digital medium – from YouTube ads and social media marketing to emails and blogsThe use of effective communication strategy in the motion graphics videos can make it easy for the buyers to move forward to the next phase of their purchasing process.

2. Stand Out Your Business

Opting for Motion Graphic Explainer Videos can differentiate you from your competitors in the market which can help grabbing the attention of your prospective customers. In this way, motion graphic videos can be beneficial for your business.

3. Easy Interaction With Customers

These videos can help you in promoting your brand and you can deliver your promotional message through these videos which can appear to be engaging and narrative concurrently. In this way, you may boost the loyalty of your customers and you can interact with your potential customers in the best possible way.

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Benefits of Using Motion Graphic Videos

1. Cost Effectiveness

In the first place, you will find motion graphic videos to be budget friendly and therefore you will need to invest a small amount of money for your promotional plan. This is because these videos do not require the integration of character animation or creation which accounts for a large amount of money. 

Furthermore, these videos can be created in a short time frame and it requires a small team to produce the video. Hence, along with saving your time, you can also save your budget if you opt for motion graphics video production.

2. Easy to Elaborate Complex Products

Such products which incorporate several graphs, characteristics and charts etc. It becomes difficult for you to let your audience make all this complex content understandable for them. And, for such products or presentations, you should be careful about the communication gap which exists between non-technical and technical people. Therefore, use of motion graphics in the videos can help you make your audience understand your technical and complex products.

3. Fast Process of Production

You don’t need to bother about hiring actors and reserving shoot locations and bearing transportation associated costs if you opt for motion graphics. Because, all these costs are required in case of live action shots by real actors. Since, you eliminate a large chunk of traditional live action production chain, therefore, you become capable of speeding up the production process of your motion graphics video. Furthermore, if we compare the required production time of motion graphic videos with animated ones, then, we will find that motion graphics are far faster to produce as compared to animated video.

4. Ample Amount of Reusable Content

Businesses are increasingly making use of Motion Graphics Explainer Videos which contain a big range of textual and visual content including text copies, illustrations, graphs etc. After developing the video containing motion graphics, you can repurpose all its assets and you can easily deploy them in different areas of application and mediums.
For instance, you can transform these Motion Graphics Explainer Videos in the form of short video clips and you can promote your service or product or you can deliver your message on social media. All the major statistics and messages which are enclosed in the video are posted by businesses on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc.