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“Typography” is an art of playing with color and text & make it the eye catching engaging tool. Just because of this engaging element “Typography Explainer Videos” play a major role to engage the audience and convert then to a customer. We have an award winning team of animators with all the expertise in Typographic Animation.

Our Typographic videos Includes, Typography Presentation, E-learning Typography Videos and many more. Typography Explainer Video is one the most engaging marketing tool, we are capable to deliver 100+ videos in a month before deadline and assuring the quality of work and client’s requirements.

You must have seen moving text in the videos to convey the message to the audience. This is basically the technique of typography animation and it is also known as kinetic Typography Explainer Videos. These typographic videos embrace effective and attention grabbing voice-over and music, which ultimately causes the lasting impression on the viewers. Creative textual motion and different types of fonts are used in typography animated explainer videos for conveying your promotional message to the target audience. These videos do not contain any detailed characters or complex narratives and they carry only text in different fonts and exceptional voice effects which grab the attention of the viewers.

The script can be communicated with the audience in both the understandable and inventive way through making use of Typographic Explainer Videos. These videos are made eye-catching and attention grabbing through using animated movements and different fonts and the text in these typographic videos is highlighted. In this way, you can convey your message to your potential customers which you have planned to convey to them. The customers can effortlessly understand the script conveyed through the typographic videos and they further feel amazed while watching the moving and colorful text which became possible through typography

Where to Use Typographic Explainer Videos?

Such clients who look for guaranteed and fast results for the promotion of their message or to convey their message to the audience, they opt for Typographic Animated Explainer Videos. 

This type of explainer videos are considered to be the simplest form of all explainer videos because of the complex nature of other types of explainer videos. The fast rate of production of explainer videos does not mean that they give unimpressive results. This is because our team and talented professionals make every possible effort to make any style of video effective and eye-catching and it will ultimately help you in achieving your business goal of targeting your customers and promoting your products.
We create such explainer videos which contain professional voice-over, suitable background music, compelling script and your business storyline. The script of your business story can stand out in the market if you choose us to create explainer videos for you because we employ appropriate and best suitable movements and fonts of the text.


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Why Choose "Typography Explainer Video"?

1. Build Brand Identity

Your business can stand out in the market through the use of Typography Videos. These videos can promote your products or services in a more effective way as compared to traditional promotional strategies. These videos can be helpful in having your business’s own visual identity and strong impression.

2. Deliver Accurate Message

The use of Typography Videos can help you in delivering accurate and precise information about complex services or products. These videos use text which we script beforehand to deliver the message about the service or product you are willing to promote. The simplicity of these videos will help you and your business through increasing the awareness about your company or product, whatever message you are communicating through these videos.

3. Maintain Customer Loyalty

You can make your Typographic Explainer Video persuasive through making use of persuading text and visual representation of the video. You may know that such videos which lack interactive design usually do not effectively or completely deliver the message of the brand because of the lack of audience understanding related to the service or product being promoted. Developing a brand image in the first go cannot be changed in the future. Therefore, we provide rich and creative illustrations of the company’s image in our videos which assists in encouraging the loyalty and confidence of your customers. Our remarkable visual representation and illustration plays the role of an anchor for the promotion of your business.

We aspire to attain decorative effects through deploying different design elements and it is obtained through the technology and art used in typography production. The basic objective of creating a Typographic Explainer Video is to make your message and information about your services or products simpler for your target audience.

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Why Choose Us for Typography Explainer Video?

1. Research

The first thing that we do to create any Typographic Explainer Video is to do research work on the message which has to be delivered to the audience. In doing so, we conduct detailed meetings with you to understand your business needs and goals associated with the service or product you want to promote through a Typography Explainer Video. We further gather useful information about the service or product you are promoting through typography. We further ascertain the market segment that your service or product needs to target.

2. Script Writing

After conducting thorough research, we write the script which is incorporated in your Typographic Explainer Video. This script writing makes use of persuasive messages which helps you in targeting more customers and building a positive image of your brand on their mind and it can ultimately lead to the increased sales of your service or product being promoted through typography.

3. Creation of Storyboard

The visual story is developed by keeping in mind the final script. We enclose our creative ideas and skills to ensure that the storyline complies with the goals of your business. Afterwards, we chose appropriate animation style and fonts for the illustration of the video to make it attention grabbing. For creating typographic video, we always work in a systematic and structured way. Our basic goal is to make sure that the video that we produce grabs the full attention of the audience.

4. Incorporating Voice-over

After creating the illustration and animation in the video, we record the voice-over for delivering your brand’s message to your audience. The finished written script is recorded and then it is cross checked with you to know your level of satisfaction. Animation and application of appropriate soundtrack is then carried out to deliver you the approved and finished Typographic Explainer Video.