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Whiteboard Videos are the best choice for Startup or renowned businesses. At “99 Explainer Videos”, we offer professional video services  to grab viewer’s attestation and guaranteed you to increase in conversion rates.

Whiteboard video is the one of the most engaging videos. Just because of its hand drawing element it becomes the most eye catching video. Custom Whiteboard Video includes all those elements which helps businesses to generate more and more leads. A 30 to 90 Seconds of Whiteboard Animated Video can easily convert a video viewer into lead. Whether you want to communicate, generate lead, Sell or inspire. We have professional Whiteboard Video Maker offering the best solution for your Marketing video production or marketing campaign.

It shows the content of the video being drawn with the hand on the white background or school whiteboard. Businesses are using this strategy to communicate their complex messages and information through using explainer video because it makes use of easy-to-understand graphics and content.
So, are you in the search of sprucing up the content of your website through integrating engaging and attention grabbing videos? Or are you looking for informational yet simple training videos for your employees? Then, you should opt for Whiteboard Animated Videos.

“99 Explainer Videos” is a 360 degree Animation Studio which works tirelessly round the clock to cater to its clients’ Animates Marketing Explainer Videos. We promise to deliver your Professional Whiteboard Animated Explainer Video with such a powerful message in the time span of only 90 seconds that would get registered in the minds of your audience or target customers. Our 90 second whiteboard drawing videos are crafted with second-perfect precision, in which each and every animation change in the video increases the interest of the audience on gradual basis. We bring cutting-edge animation techniques to your Marketing Animated Explainer Video, making it more vivid, vibrant, Engaging and appealing to your target audience. Our entire animation team welcomes you to incorporate our expertise with your business and see the magic.

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3D Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video is one of the best way to communicate with your audience and “99 Explainer Videos” is best in animation industry.

Commercial Ads

Animated Commercial ads always play the best role to engage the audience with its fun and engaging element.

Educational Video Content

3D Animated Medical Surgeries and latest technology’s demo videos play the best role in education and learning.

Brand Stories

We are expert to explain your success story through animated video from scratch to the next level of your business growth.

Animated Resume

Make your identity as an animated character and tell your importance to the world in an engaging way through animated video.

Tutorial Videos

“99 Explainer Videos” is expert to understand all the industries which help us to create best animated tutorial videos.

Why Choose "Whiteboard Explainer Video"​?

1. Complex Idea or Message

Businesses usually opt for Whiteboard Explainer Video when the system, service or product they want to promote is technical or complicated. Traditional style of explaining the details about the complex service or product makes the audience bored and they do not stick to the video till the end. However, the video can gain the interest of the audience and they are motivated to watch the video till the end with complete focus which helps you in successfully delivering your complete message to your audience.
For instance, if you want to deliver a complex message or business target with your employees, then you should opt for this video to clearly deliver your message to the audience. The explainer video gains the interest of its audience because the animations involved in the explainer videos are visually detailed, colorful and fast moving. Audiences have fun while watching these videos and they do not get bored throughout the explanation of the idea or product being proposed or introduced.

2. Containing Different Ideas

To include a large amount of data and information in one video is a bit tricky to manage because the prolonged videos usually lack the attention of the audience. Therefore, we suggest you use a Whiteboard Video for delivering detailed information to your audience. Through this technology, you can deliver complicated and detailed ideas to your audience without losing their attention and interest.

3. Using Social Media Marketing

If you are planning to promote your product YouTube channel then you can use a Whiteboard Video for your successful social media marketing. In this way you will get more views and more clicks and ultimately it will increase your sales.

4. For Repetitive Content

For instance, if you are planning to present certain boring yet imperative legal terms or policies related to anything, then you can opt for Whiteboard Animated Videos. Through the visual representation of the important content, people will find it easy to memorize them in a better way. Furthermore, your message will appear to be more comprehensible and it can be shared to your audience after the presentation.

5. Tell Your Story

You can opt for Whiteboard Animation Videos if you want to tell a story about your brand. There are many leading companies which have made animated videos to tell their success stories to the audience. Therefore we can go for Whiteboard  Videos if you want to tell your story to the audience.

6. Use of Humor

Businesses are encouraged to integrate humor in their promotional videos in order to gain interest of the audience. 

Inexperienced actors look annoying and awkward if they try to play a funny role in front of the camera. In this case, you can use Whiteboard Videos to communicate your humor flawlessly to your audience.

7. Reuse Former Audio Content

In case, you are willing to recreate content of different types such as your previous speech or a podcast episode, then you can pair it easily with a Whiteboard Video. Such tactic will be helpful in highlighting the important content and it will allow you to recreate the content through adding animations and colorful visual representation.

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Why Choose Us for Whiteboard Explainer Video?

We are the professional whiteboard explainer video company and have been given a round of applause by our clients for our hard work and its consequent outstanding outcomes. Many new startups have chosen us to get their Whiteboard Animated Videos created by our technical and skilled staff. Our service provides you the chance to grab the attention of the viewers and it ultimately increases conversion rate for you.
Due to the use of interesting hand drawing videos, people get engaged in the Whiteboard Video and they watch it till the end. It incorporates eye catching and colorful visual representation which makes the video more engaging and interesting for the viewers. While creating the whiteboard video of a few seconds or minutes, we take into account all the crucial elements which can help in providing detailed information or message to the audience. 

You can opt for explainer videos for many purposes ranging from generating leads to communicating with the audience or from inspiring to sell your products or services. You can find the best possible solution for your marketing campaign or marketing video production through having us create a Whiteboard Explainer Video for you. In our videos, we use animations and motion graphics to help convey the message to the audience in an effective and easy-to-understand manner. Corporations and businesses are using our medium or short term animated explainer videos which incorporate their strategic promotional plan. This assists them not only in delivering their message to their viewers or target audience, rather, it also helps them in producing improved sales leads which results in the increment of their company’s revenue. So, you can choose us to get your animated videos created in order to retain your existing customers or target more potential customers or to deliver your complex message in a simpler way!