“99 Explainer Videos” is one of the leading Custom Explainer Video Company in USA and bringing a gradual revolution in people’s minds. We do that by providing our clients with high quality Custom Animated Explainer Videos which is moving the digital marketing paradigm onto the levels which were unheard of a few years ago.

3D Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Video is one of the best way to communicate with your audience and “99 Explainer Videos” is best in animation industry.

Commercial Ads

Animated Commercial ads always play the best role to engage the audience with its fun and engaging element.

Educational Video Content

3D Animated Medical Surgeries and latest technology’s demo videos play the best role in education and learning.

Brand Stories

We are expert to explain your success story through animated video from scratch to the next level of your business growth.

Animated Resume

Make your identity as an animated character and tell your importance to the world in an engaging way through animated video.

Tutorial Videos

“99 Explainer Videos” is expert to understand all the industries which help us to create best animated tutorial videos.

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Our Explainer Video Production process includes 6 simple and interesting steps. We assure you that,
it would be your best video production experience with “99 Explainer Videos”.


Everyone can make a story, but communicate a complete message as a story in limited words is an art.


Story telling in an interesting way with emotions, feelings and in different languages and accents.


Music explain the feeling that is why without Sound & FX an story cannot be alive.

Custom explainer video Company Process


Storyboard is a Visual of Video. A collection of images giving an idea of complete story.


It includes complete work of illustration of storyboard and animate it in a form of Video.


We deliver project in different size, HD Quality and in different formats. Publish it & enjoy the results.

Animated Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Online advertising and marketing using visual content, either pictures or explainer videos is the growing trend these days. Talking more precisely, the idea of marketing through explainer videos is making its way in the business world. In Explainer videos the idea of business or the product is advertised using visual content in a more engaging and compelling way that appeals and attracts the viewer’s attention quickly.

“99 Explainer Videos” has been transforming mere offerings into corporate brands for over the span of ten years. In these ten years, our agency has evolved well ahead of the time by constantly investing in our research & development programs. This is the reason why “99 Explainer Videos” produces such high quality visual content which makes the potential target audience enact the message that is sent across through Engaging Character’s Explainer Videos. We can animate a bland, dull logo into an animated one and the videos we come up with takes the brands to another level of market share in their relevant industry, That is why 99 Explainer Videos is known as one of the best Custom Explainer Video Company in USA.

We as an Animation Studio understands the quickly modifying digital norms with time and we are always the ones of react proactively to the change. Set your digital marketing plans into rolling with “99Explainervideos”, our teams are ready to cater to your needs 24/7. Our skillful animators hold years of experience in making groundbreaking custom animated explainer video animations that are perfectly lined according to your brand and bring out your brand’s best face forward. We are masters in narrating a compelling tale to your audience through our custom explainer videos. Every industry these days has become customer-centric, so it is imperative for a company to research the need of the customer to come up with a marketing plan. 

Our custom animated videos are developed by keeping your customer and their requirements in mind and accordingly we make the scripts and animations. We believe in making impact in the shortest time possible, which is why “99ExplainerVideos” has been impacting the businesses of the clients in a favorable way since a decade.

Animated Custom explainer video Company

Have an idea in mind? Stuck at its execution? Want to promote your business through motion graphics? Want your brand to have a visual appeal to its audience? “99-ExplainerVideo”, best explainer video company has been serving the needs of different industries for the last ten years. We promise you that we create best explainer video for your brand or business. Our portfolio of esteemed clients who are industry giants of their respective fields are enough to give you an idea of the work that we have done. All the companies of any industry these days require a string digital presence of their offering or brand online and what better way to promote your services than having your advertisement done in an animated way in the form of explainer videos.

Types of Explainer Videos

1. Live Action Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, these are non-animated videos that are made to promote a product or a service provided by building an emotional connection with the audience showing practical use of the product or the service in the real world.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

As self-explanatory it is, animated motions and characters are used in such videos and mostly used to advertise intangible products. Most common animation used in Explainer videos is 2D. 2D Explainer Video is known as the most engaging animation that is why all the cartoon animations come in 2D format. Since, no physical objects are used therefore, they are easy to edit and allow more creativity which may not be possible in the real world.

3. Whiteboard Explainer Videos

In this type the message is conveyed by hand drawing the animation on a white board on the screen. It is considered as one of the cheapest explainer video ideas. Whiteboard explainer video has the most engaging factor which is its hand drawing animation. Once a person starts watching, they can’t stop waiting till the end.

4. 3D Explainer Videos

3D Explainer Video, in this modern era of Marketing and Technology, 3D animation has added life in characters which makes an animated explainer video more appealing and engaging to connect your audience with the video to deliver or feed the message on viewers top of the mind.

Why Choose Explainer Videos?

After understanding the concept of explainer videos, one can easily attribute the advantages of it. Since the duration of an explainer video is not more than a couple of minutes therefore, it provides a great platform to put out the idea of one’s business or products to the audience before losing their attention. This also provides an opportunity to the retailer to market its product not only on Google and like search engines but on YouTube as well and which is equally beneficial and helps in increasing online visibility.

In this fast pacing world, with people having less time to spare and do research on buying stuff, the marketing ideas should be fast, simple, appealing and compelling, and all these are the qualities of explainer videos in which one conveys the message and idea of the product in a captivating manner using more interactive way of communication using concise language to grab customers attention.

“99 Explainer Video” develops highly interactive motion graphics to send your promotional message across to your target audience. We advance and mix the best plans to picture the brand through vivid movement illustrations. We endeavor to include such a dimension of inventiveness in our work that moves the crowd. 

We Craft high caliber and bespoke liveliness that fit your business prerequisite flawlessly. We take into account ventures having a place with various fields to enable them to support their organizations. Being the top-notch animation agency, we convey first rate explainer videos in all structures. Our teams have been skillfully making visual graphics that address your crowd, any place they are.
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