Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets for Animation in 2022

drawing tablets for animation

The success of any business depends upon the quality of the content provided for the customers to understand the features of products and services. Animated videos are the best source to deliver the right message in an appropriate way. Animation graphics are a very great source to advertise your brand or any product that plays a key role to convert the complex message into simpler. For the creation of Animated Videos, animation tablets are the best sources which provide best features and programs to create majestic and bewitching videos. 

For the perfect Animated Videos you need to choose the best animation software through which you can easily create your own specific video. Animation tablets not only help in drawing and sketching the images but can also help you which type of animation is required for your animated video. It is often a very challenging and laborious task to find and select the best animation tablet according to the nature and style of your business.

You cannot randomly select any tablet so you should be very careful and select the best tablet that suits your brand well. In order to avoid this problem, this blog is providing information about the list of top best animation tablets. These tablets have very unique features which are according to the latest trends of the market and very helpful to create best animated videos according to the demands and requirements of the users. 

What to look for in an Animation Tablet?

If you are using the Animation Drawing Tablet for the first time and have never bought an animation tablet before you need to know some important information about what you should look at. Here is a detail of some important things you should be looking for when you are buying the animation tablet for the first time.

Screen size:

One of the most essential features of an animation tablet is the screen size of your tablet. If your screen will be large it means you can make the image with more details due to higher resolution. If your picture is bigger it will be very easy for you to find mistakes and errors. Most people prefer to watch the videos in high resolution. It also looks more elegant because it is very helpful for the viewers to watch your final products and it makes your video representation perfect. 

Battery life and Connectivity:

Another essential feature of animation drawing tablets is its battery timing and connectivity. If you want to work on a regular basis your tablet must have high battery life because if your battery will be low again and again it will be very difficult for you to make your video with continuity. You should also check what connectivity options are available on your specific tablet. Try to use that tablet which could easily connect with the internet.  

Top 5 Best Drawing Tablets used for Animation:

It is not an easy task to choose the best drawing tablet for animation which will be according to your requirements and preferences. You have no need to be worried because this blog provides a complete list of top best drawing animation tablets which are easy to use and provide the best features according to the demands of the new generation. 

1: Wacom intuos pro:

This tablet is one the best with the largest screen of 16.8 inches. This tablet is most preferred for experienced video animators. Due to the high quality screen you can create the best videos according to your brand’s style.  

2: Wacom one:

 For the initial users it is one of the best tablets among the top most tablets. You can get the best tablet with a large screen, easy to use, high resolution and quick to set up at a very low cost. Initial users can find their mistakes and make them correct on this tablet due to the large screen.

3: XP-PEN Artist 15.6 pro:

Due to the large screen size this tablet is very perfect to draw the images with complete details. Through the large screen you can easily spot an area which needs more attention. It also contains the best color accuracy so you have no need to focus very closely. It is the best tablet which is affordable for everyone with high quality features.

4: Apple iPad pro:

Apple iPad pro is another famous tablet among the best tablets used for animated videos. Its screen size is greater than Huion Kamvas. Its speed of working is also high because of high resolution, high battery life and large screen size. Due to the presence of the new M1 chip the quality of performance is also excellent. If you want to get a high quality tablet you should go for apple iPad pro a powerful tablet. It is excellent in quality but everyone knows that apple brand is very expensive and not affordable for everyone. 

5: Huion kamvas pro 12:

Among the best tablets Huion Kamvas pro 12 comes on the top of the list. Its resolution power is 5080 LPI with 11.6 inches large screen. Most of the video animators prefer to purchase this tablet because it has a large sketching area with high quality screen. It is best for all types of users, especially for the beginners. You can make the best animation videos with fine details. This tablet contains a series of shortcuts and a touch bar. It is highly recommended by 99 explainer video’s Animation team. The connectivity cables of these tablets are also short as compared to other tablets. 

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