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At present, businesses are more encouraged to develop Animated Tutorial Videos for explaining every step of the process they want to introduce. These videos incorporate animation for explaining the complex concepts in a faster and visually clear way. It ultimately leads to the saving of time and the viewers do not get bored while watching the video.

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We have been working in the field of Animated Explainer Videos for more than 8 years. A big motivated and highly skilled team is working to create videos for you. Effective communication and interaction skills of our team ensure the high quality of the end product and they strive to maintain the vision of the video during the video production journey. Highly qualified experts are employed including illustrators, copywriters, project managers and animators, who together work hard to make a change and satisfy the customers. We have been outstanding in the creation of Animated Tutorial Explainer Videos and satisfied all of our customers.
Since, our team stretches all the boundaries of creativity and intends to develop the best possible “Animated Explainer Videos” for you! We further focus our team to take feedback from you at each phase of the video project. In this way, you can directly tell your opinion about the animated video that we are creating for you.


We focus on the elimination of any element or content in our Animated Tutorial Videos that distract the audience and also which does not contain useful information. We further focus on making the animation and the design of the video more dynamic and pleasant. And, further you will find each element or content in our videos. We further emphasize on keeping the animation and design minimalist and we ensure that the content of the video has a detailed pedagogical role. Such consideration helps in minimizing working hours, required time of production and cost.

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Animated Explainer Video is one of the best way to communicate with your audience and “99 Explainer Videos” is best in animation industry.

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3D Animated Medical Surgeries and latest technology’s demo videos play the best role in education and learning.

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Why Use Animated Tutorial Explainer Video?​

The Animated Explainer Tutorial Videos are usually used to provide training to its viewers. Tutorial Videos are able to manipulate detailed explanations, which consume several minutes in the absence of graphics, in a more understandable and clear way through the deployment of graphics. You may observe that the videos that are composed of voice or text are more difficult to understand and more time consuming as compared to those with graphics because graphics allow the audience to understand the content of the video will take less effort.

1. Visualization

Animations help in making things simplified and they make it easy to visualize the complex concepts, processes or content involved. You might be surprised to know that writing 1.8 million words is equal to one minute longer animated video. Instructional lecturers, trainers or designers make use of Animated Tutorial Videos because of the fact that the visualization incorporated in these videos allow them to elaborate their concept or message in a more comprehensible.

2. Fast and Easy Learning

Animated Videos take a lot of time to create, however, these videos save time of the learners as they understand more through visual representation involved in these videos. In these videos, visuals are used to transmit almost 90 percent of the information to the audience and these visuals have the tendency of being processed by the brain 60,000 times quicker than the text. 

The formation of mental representations of phenomenon, processes and concepts are facilitated through Tutorial Videos for the learners. Furthermore, the cognitive processes of the learners can also be replaced by these animated videos.
Readily access to the images in the video makes the learning process faster and the learners find it easy to recall the learned concepts more easily through visuals.

3. Better Engagement

Tutorial Videos are helpful in enriching the learning tasks of the learners and the learner better understand the application of those tasks in the practical world. Such traits of videos keep the learners engaged which ultimately improves their understanding related to the subject they are being learning. In this way, the overall learning experience of the students, trainees, employees or any other learner is enhanced through the deployment of tutorial videos.

4. Attention Grabbing

Traditional ways of learning programs can make the learning process uninteresting and boring. Sometimes, the learners spend a lot of their time in reading one concept or paragraph which leads to a slow rate of completion and short span of attention. In contrast to this, learning which incorporates animated tutorials are more entertaining, engaging and faster to understand for learners. In this way, learners learn while entertaining themselves concurrently. Hence, these videos help in enhancing the attention of the learners and motivate them towards the completion of their learning program with more interest.