What are the Types of Explainer Videos?

types of explainer videos

Explainer videos are short videos but have complete information about your business. These videos are very helpful to explain the qualities of your brand products and services. Most of the new emerging businesses prefer to create explainer videos for the growth and enhancement of their brand. Explainer video services are very helpful to create eccentric and splendid videos which have the ability to communicate with the audience. 

Explainer videos are also very helpful for the best marketing of your brand products and can generate more sales to achieve success at a higher level. Different brands create different types of explainer videos to make their identity unique and different from others in the market. In this modern digital world we are familiar with new technologies and have wide range video styles to explain the information about the business. These videos are very essential to grab the attention of the customers and it is the easiest way to understand the qualities of your products and services. After analyzing the different types of explainer videos you can choose the best style for your business or current marketing campaign. For impressing your customers you should select the style according to the nature and style of your brand. 

Types of explainer videos:

With the help of top explainer video services you can make the best explainer videos to introduce your brand in the market. Different types of videos are very effective in different ways and have the ability to communicate with the audience in a more efficient way. Here we will discuss some important types of explainer videos.

2D animated explainer videos:

In 2D animated explainer videos objects and characters are displayed in two dimensional forms. These types of videos are cost effective and very helpful for the new business to introduce and establish their brand within a minimum budget. These types of explainer videos are now most popular and widely used all over the world. These videos are versatile and allow the creators to customize it according to the needs and requirements of the clients. 

2D explainer videos are easy to change so you can edit or customize your videos according to the latest trends of the market. These types of videos can communicate with the audience in the best manner and are very helpful to expose the qualities of your brand. These videos are very easy to understand and can attract the attention of the viewers quickly and more efficiently. 

Motion graphic videos:

Motion graphic videos means the animated characters are in motion in these videos. These videos are more engaging and interesting because they have the ability to explain the internal structure of your branded products. These are more entertaining and can provide the complete information about your brand along with the fun. Motion graphics animated videos are very able to convert your complex ideas and information into the simplest form which is very easy to understand for everyone. These types of explainer videos with the motion graphics are very helpful to illustrate your message without distracting the attention of the viewers. Motion graphic videos are very able to keep the customers hooked until the end of the video. 

Whiteboard animated videos:

In whiteboard animated explainer videos authors physically draw or sketch the characters and objects and then record an illuminated story using a white board. It is a very useful process used in the television and internet advertisements to communicate with the customers. Characters and objects drawn physically on the white board to explain the information about the brand products and services is the most effective and entertaining way in the modern digital world. You should carefully select the background for white board explainer videos to snatch the scrutiny of the customers easily and swiftly. 

3D animation style:

3D animation style is very popular and very helpful to explain the qualities and nature of your products and services. In the 3D explainer videos characters and objects are displayed in three dimensional forms and show the internal structure of the technical items clearly. This video style is widely used for commercial purposes. 3D explainer video making is quite expensive but very effective so you should only choose to create these types of videos if you can afford. 3D animated videos are not the best choice if time or money is a concern because it takes a lot of time and money to create 3D explainer videos. 

Typographic explainer videos:

Typography explainer videos are short explainer videos along with the text. These types of explainer videos are very helpful for the defy viewers because they cannot hear the sound but can read the text to understand the concept of your explainer videos. Professional and expert video creators can provide best explainer video services to create authentic and effective explainer videos for the audience. 

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