Benefits of Custom Explainer Videos for HR and Recruitment

custom explainer videos for hr and recruitment

What is a custom explainer video?

A custom explainer video is a highly efficient way of providing specific information to people. When you are dealing with critical processes and legal obligations, communicating with your staff is essential, and a custom explainer video can assist you in these situations. Several studies have shown that people can comprehend and retain most of the information presented through explainer videos. In fact, awareness of the information provided increases by about 75 percent when conveyed through a custom explainer video.

Custom explainer videos are also easy to track. When you are communicating important information regarding changes to healthcare policies or any other essential information to support your employees, you often want to ensure that every single person has received the message. With the help of video metrics, it is easy to monitor who is watching your explainer videos, so you can identify those who have yet to do so. Additionally, it is also easy to implement quizzes and testing tools on top of a video program. Once you have conveyed the information, use a short quiz to test your employees’ knowledge.

When you need to communicate efficiently, a custom explainer video is the perfect way to do it. PowerPoint presentations and manuals are typically the traditional methods used for conveying human resources information. However, a custom explainer video is more compelling and gets the job done more quickly. Since videos use a narrative structure and engaging graphics, viewers are more likely to come away not just informed but also with an understanding of how the information is relevant to their employment with your company.

How do custom explainer videos benefit HR and recruitment?

Custom explainer videos are an effective tool for engagement and enhancing trust with an intended audience. They are fun, impressive, and original content that works especially well in online promotion. The second biggest benefit of a custom explainer video is that it can help brands communicate a message in a short time, just within a few minutes. All these considerations make custom explainer videos particularly efficient for HR and recruiting professionals.

HR and recruitment professionals may face various challenges related to managing a large number of tasks related to hiring new employees, updating the team about announcements, promoting the fundamental principles of a company, encouraging employees, and others. Custom explainer videos are the solution they have been searching for.

The HR department uses different types of custom explainer videos, such as compliance and code of conduct video, employee training video, internal messaging and procedure video, and internal announcement video.

1. Compliance and code of conduct video:

Individual businesses have exclusive legal requirements and regulations for staff conduct that are required to be communicated in advance of employment. With the help of a story-based structure in a custom explainer video, companies can convey the significance of managing compliance with the rules and regulations of the company. A custom explainer video for HR and recruitment allows you to rapidly deliver crucial information in a manner that new hires are more likely to remember.

2. Employee training video:

New staff needs training on complex procedures or the use of several computer systems. The ability of video to expeditiously clarify complicated ideas into an understandable message makes it an exceptional tool for training. Current employees can also benefit from this resource.

3. Internal messaging and procedure video:

When policies change or when employees clearly require a reminder about how to execute procedures appropriately, human resources can issue a custom explainer video to quickly deliver workers with the new information they need.

4. Internal announcement video:

Human resources can provide staff with a custom explainer video to effectively communicate a corporate event, new recruiting policy, or changing procedure.

Custom explainer videos can help you save your time and effort by avoiding repeating the same details to each and every employee coming to your company, highlighting new ambitions to the team, and training. So, here are the most famous benefits of custom explainer videos for HR and recruitment:

5. Training of new employees:

One of the major challenges of the HR department is providing training to newcomers about particular processes and procedures. Custom explainer videos are an outstanding manner to transfer this information rapidly and in a convenient form. Explainer videos support new employees and deliver all guidance in a clearer understanding.

6. Compliance and employee orientation:

Custom explainer videos can be particularly beneficial for hiring new employees. The company can create a customized HR and recruitment custom explainer video to educate new employees about some procedures and clarify compliance rules. A custom explainer video offers a highly efficient way of conveying technical ideas, terminology, standards, and other types of information. Therefore, the HR department can use animation to update new hires about definite integral rules appealingly and innovatively.

7. Policies and procedures:

Are you still spending hours describing the policies and procedures of a company to new hires? Custom explainer videos for HR and recruitment explainer videos can assist you in saving a lot of time by conveying this information in an understandable method. Investing only once in custom explainer video production, you will obtain an adaptable tool for the explanation of the company’s policy, which you can utilize as many times as you require, saving the efforts of your HR team. Delivering a brief and informational custom explainer video, they will be capable of conducting employee hiring much faster.

8. Internal Announcements:

Animation is the most powerful tool for grabbing the attention of viewers. So, if you need to grab the attention of the audience and communicate your message effectively to your target audience, an animated video is probably what you need. No matter what type of announcement you need to make, a custom explainer video can help you do it in the most attractive way. You can also update your team about corporate events, important dates, new recruiting policies, or changes in the process through a fun and compelling custom explainer video.

9. Motivation:

Both new and old employees in an organization may sometimes require a boost and motivation to reach new heights. HR professionals can use custom explainer videos to encourage the team at corporate meetings and events. A brilliant idea is also to design a custom explainer video about the strategy and high achievers of a company. It will give the team an idea of what they have accomplished together and inspire them to move forward towards new objectives and opportunities.

10. Presentations anywhere:

Whenever people require any information about anything, they can get it by watching a custom explainer video. It is a skillful type of content that is easy to share, view, spread, and access through different types of channels. In this modern era, nobody prefers to watch slideshows anymore. Today, we are more engaged with movies, videos, and various types of audiovisual content. Do you want to create an amazing and unforgettable presentation? A custom explainer video can enhance and make your speech even more memorable and exciting.

Wrapping up:

A custom explainer video can become the cornerstone of your HR and recruitment strategy. It doesn’t matter what type of audience you want to attract, or what your objective is, a custom explainer video can help you do it more successfully. Because of its fun, entertaining, and engaging power, a custom explainer video can turn your speech, announcement, and training into an interesting experience for viewers.

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