Why Businesses Required an Animated Explainer Video

Explainer Video

The explainer video is short online marketing video used to focus on explaining company’s products/services in such a simple, engaging and convincing manner, by using a concise and clear message; appealing and visuals effects that instantly captures the viewer’s attention.  Generally, it defines the company’s offers in both educational and informational ways, full filling the customers’ needs & wants and how that is the best option in the market.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Here we’ve mentioned four advantages through which you can enhance your marketing strategy.

1: Explains your Business Idea in Limited Time

Explainer videos are incredible to clarify your business idea in only a couple of moments, the videos work effectively to grab the attention of the viewers. You can increase the average visitors’ time approximately two minutes by putting an explainer video above the fold in your homepage.

2: Enhances Online Visibility

Hence, if you want your visitors to remain longer on your page, it is highly appreciated and supported by Google (or all other search engines). Explainer videos give you the edge to be on YouTube, the second largest video search engine and the third largest social networking website on the internet. Fresh tunes are an incredible case of this, watch their video.

3: Increase in Conversion Rating

It’s been observed that Explainer videos capture the viewers’ attention, engaging and convincing them to keep on watching. Individuals can quickly get the message which has been conveyed in a quick, straightforward, instructive and fun way. An explainer video can grow the conversion rating by 20% overall!

4. Building Brand Awareness

Putting the same theme and colors of your brand on the landscape and background of your explainer video, allows viewers to build a connection between brand and video in their subconscious mind and helps them to take a decision to buy the product. Moreover, an explainer video produces a strong emotional bond between customer and product that build brand awareness and trust towards your company. 


Live Action Explainer Videos:  

A promotional and non-animated video that explains the company’s services and products. A Company selling people-oriented services or physical product usually use live action videos, for example consulting groups or restaurants.

Animated Explainer Videos: 

It is considered that animated explainer videos are the most popular and often preferred ways to advertise services or intangible tech products e.g. software. It also allows to update, edit, put more creativity and can easily make adjustments in future.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos: 

A hand drew and hand erased animated video on a whiteboard is becoming so popular because of its cost-effectiveness. This format can easily sketch the whole idea of product or services in customers mind in a simple and effective way within a limited time.

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