Secrets of Animated Explainer Video to Drive Your Sale

secrets of animation explainer videos

Animated explainer video is the art of using animation to communicate the message. Companies from B2B and B2C segment both are using animated explainer videos to communicate with their customers or to create awareness and influence buyer decision. These are one of the marketer’s favorite forms of online content due to their extraordinary ability to connect with an audience with their fast online visibility and the increase of conversion rate. Animated videos are the perfect tool for attracting visitor to your site and telling them about the key benefits and features of the product.

Why Animation?

Animated explainer video is perfect for those areas of business where it is difficult to present and sell a product through other types of videos or promotional methods. It includes information for the target customer’s problems, benefit of the company and its workflows. Visually any information can be visualized with the help of animated explainer videos and this is its main advantage over real videos. It’s easier and more interesting for the audience to keep up with a story line, when positive feelings are involved and the information presented in the video is more likely to stick in the memory.

Why does video work better?

Let’s look into the area of psychology.

Where only 20% of people/customers are those who remember the information which they read and 10% remember what they actually heard. At the same time 80% of people remember what they saw. The procedure of visual information is much faster than text information.

On the basis of marketing, text and audio is less successful as compared to non verbal communication and it can influence your customer on the basis of smaller percentage.

Animated explainer videos able to spread information of your product or services in less than a minute or two. It involves both visual communication and audio that significantly improve the perception of the customer.

Reasons to Take Animated Explainer Video on Board

There are several reasons to take animated explainer video some reasons are to increase conversions, increase sales, easy to remember marketing messages etc. Animated explainer video helps to make complex things simple by explaining the features of the product to your customer and improving your business in multiple ways.

Creativity Matters

When it comes to the videos, creativity is limited by characters, styles, designs instead of being motivated by the needs of the target audience. Animated explainer videos may also force changes in the characters to maintain the loyalty of their customers and force them to remain attracted towards their brands.

Brand Awareness

Now a day’s people/customers are those who seek entertainment everywhere. Animated explainer video does not only convey the message of brand but also entertain the audience. Telling the story of the brand is the best way to create brand awareness among the customers and make them to attract towards your brand. When animated characters interact with customers, it leaves a strong impact on them. Brand awareness via animated explainer videos has become a useful tool for marketing.

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