Creative Ways to Advertise Your Business with Animated Explainer Video

An animated explainer video is a short video that helps to show complicated ideas in engaging and significant ways. It is one of the most influential resources for business marketing strategy in today’s world. In online marketing strategy, video content is increasing day by day. The aim of animated explainer video is that it can represent the products and services of your company. In such a way that makes a link between you and your target audiences. With the help of an animated explainer video your company can bring more leads.  Also can reduce bounce rates, promote brand awareness and strengthen conversions. This arouses the online marketing world that animated explainer videos are a strong tool for the marketing strategy of your business. Animated explainer videos used to enhance conversion rates in a very short time. According to some surveys, explainer videos have the magnetism that leads viewers to take the next step to buy products or services. Animated explainer videos, when incorporated in your marketing strategy. It will leave a long and lasting impression on your customer’s mind. One of the most important and best things about animated explainer video is that this process does not look hard in selling or purchasing. So, a good animated explainer video provides your audience the adventure of catching sight of marketing material in a meaningful way. It also facilitates your company to achieve more exposure because it is shared through different types of platforms. It also increases traffic to your websites and also improves your Google rank in search results. The more engagement of animated explainer video, the higher possibilities of conversion rates is. There are important ways to promote or advertise your business with the help of an animated explainer video. You can include several techniques and elements in your animated explainer video with exact and right timing.

Using Right Color Palette:-

While choosing the right color for your company’s animated explainer video you should keep in mind that you should select a color which is widely associated with your brand. But it is not necessary that you have to trademark your color palette to make it memorable and noticeable. So that it builds a bond between the viewers and the company. An animated explainer video is one of the most admired elements of explainer videos. The reason behind the popularity is that these videos are animated and it provides you the adaptability to use the color palette of your brand in smart ways. You can include your brand’s color palette in many different ways, from the outfits of characters to the framework and also objects on the screen etc. By using this technique, you can make your audience associate these colors with your company.

Use the Relevant Animations:-

Animation in an explainer video makes it easier to convey an appropriate message to the target audience. Using alluring animation designs in your explainer videos can help the customer to acknowledge the problems they are facing and also the solutions they are looking for. 

Use Brand Logo at the End of Video:

A logo is a good representation of your company’s image and it is one of the most leading components of a company that is remembered by your audience easily. When you are encompassing the logo in your animated explainer video, you should include it with the right timing. There are several moments in an animated explainer video in which your logo can have a more considerable influence on your target audience. You can add your logo design in your animated explainer video near the end to remind your viewers the products and services you are providing.

Use Storytelling Elements with Meaningful Sound Design:-

In any type of animated explainer video, sound design is important as demonstration and animation. A wonderful sound design binds each and every together that makes your video feel professional and attractive.  It can also help you to enhance your company’s stability and persistence in your customer’s minds. You can explain your message in video with purposeful sound design which makes your video attractive and also grabs the attention of people.

Selecting the Right Music:-

While creating an attractive animated explainer video, you must select the right background music which can help you to convey your message in an easier way. You can also select a song that sounds technophile if you are advertising a technological product etc. you can use more than one sound in your animated explainer video like when you are presenting your products or services as the infusion of your character’s complications, you can change the song or music.  You can also include an audio clip which will identify your brand and also make it memorable. You can also use sound logos which are short audio clips put together with their visual counterparts to make it strong. An animated explainer video is usually bound with a voice-over and if you wisely select the right voice over for your video you will exceptionally influence the tone and feel of your animated explainer video and your selected voice will be linked to your company’s image, so it also needs to represent your brand.

Top Elements of an Animated Explainer Video:-

An animated explainer video usually comprises one or more than one following elements. These elements depend upon the products and services that a company provides.
  • It must contain an animation that speaks for the ultimate customer.
  • It includes the problem that a customer has and the solution that delivers through the products and services.
  • It also carries the screen captures of the product.
  • It also holds the screen casts of the product or services in action. 

Wrapping Up:-

Animated videos are mesmerizing, appealing and tick with your audience’s mind because it must be one of the central pieces of marketing strategy. The ingredients that you add in your animated explainer video must always be harmonious with your company’s image. You must remember, every element that you are including in your animated explainer video must be there for a reason. You must know how you will manage to launch your products and services in a creative way to your target audience through animated explainer video. 

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