10 Facts to Have an Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

The basic method of using animation in order to express the message is known as “Animated Explainer Video”. Now a day’s animated explainer videos gained so much popularity over the past few years just because of their affordability or due to inexpensiveness and it proves most successful part or to play the most valuable role to grow your business. It increases the conversion rates of your business and helps to explain your products or services in front of your targeted audience to attract them towards your business.

According to research, up to 85% of people are more likely to buy a product or hire your services if they have seen the process or product explained by an animated explainer video. Following are the factors to have a Custom Animated Explainer Video for your Business.

1: Increase Conversion Rates:

Animated explainer videos are that short video which tells their targeted customers about the Product or Service in a very attractive manner. As claimed by some of the researchers in their recent survey that 85% individuals are those who will probably purchase an item once they see a guiding explainer videos.

2: Higher Arousal of Interest:

Now a day’s more businesses choose social signals or social media for the publicity of their products or to spread the words about their business to keep their product in the mind of their customers who are being targeted by them. In social websites they choose to use animated videos to create interest of their audience in their product. According to some of the researchers more than 70 percent of Internet users watch videos online. While some of the websites which are text-based usually grab the attention of their customers on average 8 seconds but those websites which are based on the explainer videos will keep the attention of their customers for almost 2 minutes.

3: Short Time to Attract:

Most people think that if the video is more than a minute, it will make you customer getting bored and do not help them to generate interest in the mind of their customers. The animated explainer video shouldn’t be more than 90 seconds. This is the best time limit in most cases. But it depends on the marketing goals that how complex is your product to explain.

4: To Be Remembered:

Text based message is not the good option to make your customers to remember your product as compare to video messages. If the targeted customer gets a message via video, then most probably 90 to 95 percent customers are those who will be able to remember your product. While reading a text message, only 10% of them will be able to remember.

5: High-Speed Information:

A video can be remembered by your customers as visual information is processed easily by our brains 60 thousand times faster rather than a text. So a 60 Second of explainer video can easily deliver your message.

6: Improve SEO Ranking:

An animated video is supposed to be high in quality content as it is composed of a mixture of text, images, and other multimedia elements hence will get more approached from customers and will be ranked higher in all the search engines.

7: Perfect Delivery:

An animated explainer video gives you an opportunity to deliver your product or services worldwide at any hour. In it your presence does not matter, you only have to choose your best pitch to deliver the information of your product globally. To get the best results you should choose a Professional Explainer Video Company for your Explainer video production.

8: Make The Best Of Short Attention Spans:

An average attention span is of 8 seconds, if we deliver information in text or just images your customers will not be attracted towards it so an animated explainer video will increase the chance that your customers will not only pay attention towards it they will understand the product thoroughly as well.

9: Strong Call to Action:

An animated explainer video can cover up to large amount of information you have to deliver to your targeted customers while in text it can take up to several pages and your customers will get bored of scrolling through pages and pages. Hence an animated video can squeeze information in it and easily delivered and remembered by your customers.

10: Boost Your Business:

If your website plans or aims to generate more sales and create an effective image in the mind of your customers then animated video is the best option through which you can increase your sales to boost your business. They are more likely to purchase your product or service, after watching the explainer video by your customers through visiting on your website.

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