Explainer Video Production Process


Before going to start any Explainer video production process, our experts in research department start collecting information about client’s business or particular industry our client works in. In order to deliver you an effective explainer video it’s important to know each and everything about the industry. We share our client a brief form like a questionnaire, which helps us to read our client’s mind and accordingly we craft the explainer video to get them best results.

Explainer Video Script writing with 99 Explainer video company


In “Explainer video Production Process” the most challenging part is to write a script and design it in a shape of story because this is the message you want to communicate with your audience that is only the reason our story building team work all together to make it the best. Only script can make or break the video. That is the reason we make the script as a story, in a straightforward, short and clear way with the focus to engage the audience and get best out of it.


The storyboard is a set of images, it gives you an idea of video time frame and actions you are expecting in a video. An storyboard shows all the elements which are going to be a part of video like; characters, background theme, color combination and you will get a slide by slide representation and how animation flows in a video. It is like snapshots taken from the final video and these snapshots help you to visualize the quality of final video before it is done.
Storyboard Designing for an Animated Explainer Video


We have a panel of 100+ professional voice over artists from different part of the world with their native accents in different languages and in different moods. As per your requirement we will share some of the samples and then you will decide which voiceover artist you want to go with for your explainer video project. We put all of our efforts to make best explainer video with professional voice over and assuring that voice over is matching the emotional demand of your explainer video.

Animation & Sound Fx

After Script writing, Storyboard and Voice over the next process is animations and illustrations. This part includes all the effect work on animations and convert the storyboard into an animated explainer video. We work step by step with your approval. We do not move further without your approval and the best part is that we offer unlimited revisions on every step. So the final video will be as per your desire. This is only the reason this process takes minimum of 4 weeks included all the steps.
Animation & Sound Fx for Explainer Video Production


Finally after the complete production process of Explainer Video now it’s time to deliver the final video without watermark in different formats, different size and HD quality resolution video so you can use or upload it as per your requirements. Now this is the time to publish your explainer video and enjoy the results.

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