30 Second Explainer Video

In this modern era of internet that we are living in, very few people have the time to go through an entire piece of animation of a video that is over a minute’s time unless there is a specific need for it. Several researches have proven that a large chunk of internet user scroll through the internet content 90% of the time unless they see something substantial or there is a need for a specific product or a service. Because of this fact, the advertising may generate the “reach” factor but the “engagement” factor will not have any effect thus bringing the business leads which will be far less than expected & flushing the investment down the drain. No company would want to advertising with falsely made strategic visual content which would bring them no good in return, then how does a company strategically place its motion graphical content on the web?

99ExplainerVideos” is the solution to all your Explainer Video animation needs. Our team of experts are well equipped with the skills set required to produce a perfectly targeted 30 second explainer video for any kind of business. Our team of consultants are ready to assist you 24/7 over the consultation of your next Animated Explainer video project from any industry you belongs to and will put forward the best alternatives that you can strategically place in your 30 second explainer video, which will clearly send your brand’s message across to your current and potential viewers. We craft such addictive short explainer videos which would not only bring in new leads for your business but also work for the promotion of your brand online. The content of motion graphics that we use is linked accordingly to dish out the complete message of your offering over the internet with a call-to-action appeal in the end in just 30 second explainer video. The best part is that we are offering a Custom Animation Services. So we can add more engaging elements in it and it will deliver a complete message to the viewer.

Our Portfolio

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Our Production Process

Our Explainer Video Production process includes 6 Simple and interesting steps. We assure you that,
it would be your best video production experience with 99 Explainer Videos

Idea & Script

Everyone can make a story, but communicate a complete message as a story in limited words is an art.

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Voice Over

Story telling in an interesting way with emotions, feelings and in different languages and accents.

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Sound & FX

Music explain the feeling that is why without Sound & FX an story cannot be alive.

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Explainer Video Production Process

Story Board

Storyboard is a Visual of Video. A collection of images giving an idea of complete story.

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Video Animation

It includes complete work of illustration of storyboard and animate it in a form of Video.

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Project Delivery

We deliver project in different size, HD Quality and in different formats. Publish it & enjoy the results.

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