How Long Does it Take to Create a Custom Explainer Video?

how long does it take to create a custom explainer video

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video used for marketing and sales purposes that highlights a company’s products, services, and business ideas in a persuasive and well-organized way.

Including an explainer video in your business strategy is essential. However, creating a low-quality explainer video may not take much time. In fact, a poorly created explainer video can do more harm than good for your company. It is crucial to seek the help of a professional and custom explainer video company to create a custom explainer video for your business.

Each custom explainer video is created differently based on the requirements of the clients. Some explainer videos are template-based, while others are fully customized based on the customer’s preferences. However, the one aspect that varies most in the creation of custom explainer videos is time.

Only when you experience the difference in effort between creating a custom explainer video and a template explainer video will you appreciate the value of a good explainer video. Template videos can be a quick solution if you aim to display them to a select audience in a presentation, and you have only a few days to prepare something meaningful. However, if you can allocate a budget, have time to design something strategic, and are serious about leading the marketing game, you should never settle for a template video.

A template video is made up of established characters with predesigned components and graphics. There is nothing special about template videos, and the worst-case scenario is that your target audience may have seen identical characters and components in other videos simultaneously. A template video will not effectively convey your business idea to your target audience.

On the contrary, custom-made explainer videos can take approximately 10 weeks or more, depending on the project’s framework. The requirements gathering stage may take a few weeks. The whole point of hiring the best explainer video production company is to design a video that effectively represents your brand.

If you want to create the best custom explainer video, you should contact our company,, as we are providing our best services to businesses worldwide. Here is the process of creating a custom explainer video, which begins after the client contacts us and explains what they want, and we start working on the process.

Process of Creating a Custom Explainer Video:

1. Research and Content Development:

Once the client updates our team on what they actually need, our professional team begins researching what needs to be included – the font style, characters, animation style that goes with the needs and ideas of the client. This analysis is then put together and shared with the client. After getting confirmation from the client, our team moves towards the next step.

2. Drafting the Script:

In this step, we collect all the data about your business, create a story, and then cut it down to write a script. Basically, we convert all the terminologies of business into a language that is easy to understand for common people and then utilize comparable experiences to write the script. With the help of this method, your target audience will achieve more information about your business and be able to relate to it. If the client has already provided us with all the necessary details about their business, then we skip this step.

3. Storyboarding and Graphics:

When the script is completed, the finalized script is sent for storyboarding, where digital illustrations are created with the script in mind. These digital illustrations are then sent for artwork for fine-tuning and coloring. In artwork, the characters are provided with their final appearance and description. Each and every single scene is drawn by hand and elaborated on in both these departments. This step is completed in about 1 to 5 weeks and is very time-consuming and requires attention to every detail. The final look and feel is then shared with the client and after approval, we move towards the next step.

3. Voiceover or Recording:

The voiceover is usually provided by the client, but in case they do not, our experienced staff members are always available to do it themselves. The final voiceover is completed when the script is recorded, edited, and integrated into the video. This stage is completed in approximately 1 to 2 days, and then the video is sent for animation.

4. Animations:

In this step, the whole video is animated. The characters are animated by utilizing advanced software, which provides the video with an exceptional look and feel. After animation, sound effects and music are added to finalize the video. Then, the video is double-checked, and if there are any mistakes, they are corrected before sending it to the client.

5. Sharing with the Client:

Once the video is completed, we share the final product with the client. Feedback is then taken into consideration, and desired changes are then made accordingly.


This is how any custom explainer video is made and accomplished. The same instructions are utilized, and the same course of action is followed. All of this is because it takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks in general, to get a custom explainer video created and presented. If a client requires an urgent matter, we quicken the procedure and add a few additional requirements to get a custom explainer video created in a week or two. Although, if the custom explainer video is created with greater urgency, then it may come at a higher price.

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