Benefits of Custom Explainer Video for E-commerce Business

explainer video for e-commerce

There are various benefits to having an explainer video for e-commerce business. The format of an explainer video can boost organic traffic to a website, enhance conversion rates and sales, and increase brand awareness. Furthermore, professionally created custom explainer videos can improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of custom explainer video for e-commerce business that can improve your business.

1. Multiplies conversion rates:

Just think for a while, what is the main objective of a marketer? In general, every company wants to accelerate its conversion rates. If you want to convert your site’s visitors into potential customers, then you should consider including a custom explainer video in your marketing tactics. Research conducted by Unbounce shows that including an explainer video on the landing page of a website can increase conversion rates by more than 80%. If you want to examine the visitors to your website and understand which types of products and services your prospective customers are interested in, then a explainer video for e-commerce business is an excellent choice.

2. Set up brand recognition:

A brand-oriented explainer video can establish your online presence, but this is only possible if your explainer videos follow your brand guidelines. As the developer of all your other marketing materials, you are required to generate a video that not only focuses on your brand but also addresses your audience’s challenging issues well. A custom explainer video is a great tool for brand awareness, as the message you want to communicate reaches your intended audience, resulting in engaging customers and generating potential customers who are likely to buy your products or services. Research shows that approximately 64% of business owners have managed to enhance their sales and conversion rates with the help of custom explainer videos. So, if you want to promote your e-commerce business and convey your personality without missing the mark, a custom explainer video is a must.

3. Grab the attention of customers:

Grabbing the attention of your target audience over the internet is one of the most challenging tasks that most marketers struggle with. Are you one of them? If so, then custom explainer videos are the best option for you to incorporate into your e-commerce business. This is also a proven and reliable digital marketing strategy often utilized by successful organizations. According to research, custom explainer videos increase organic traffic compared to other marketing strategies. When choosing between lengthy content and brief videos, most people prefer to watch short, consequential videos to make informed decisions about their purchases.

Explainer videos allow you to grab the attention of the target audience and attract them, which directly influences the sales of your e-commerce business. Hence, it is an exceptional manner to leave a long lasting impression on the potential customers, who are uninformed about your e-commerce business.

So, if you want to catch the attention of visitors for the success of your e-commerce business, try generating short, descriptive and engaging videos.

4.   Describes complex products:-

Most of the customers generally make a purchase only when they have a profound knowledge of the product or business. So, it is necessary for you to explain your product and services in an uncomplicated manner. Once you are capable of clarifying the idea or your business successfully, it would be simple for you to grab the attention of visitors.

It can only be done with the help of custom explainer videos. An attractive explainer videos make sure that your products and services are influential and reduce all the challenging issues that are important for them to understand the products or services.

A short, attractive, and descriptive custom explainer video will clarify all the queries of your intended audience and will immediately explain how the solution works.

5.   Business ranks better:-

If your business gets more organic traffic, then it will probably have higher productivity. Well! A custom explainer video is one of the best methods to grab the attention of visitors and hold your business in the top rankings of search engines. Once you can boost your ranking in the Google search engines, your target audience will be capable of recognizing your brand easily.

More is the online existence, stronger would be the relationship with customers. According to research, explainer videos are probably to achieve 50x more on the first page of Google. In case you also want to build up your brand awareness, try to communicate your thoughts with the help of attractive and informative custom explainer videos.

6.   Cost-effective:-

We all get inspired by the strategy, which is both productive and cost effective. Here also custom explainer videos stand over.

Similar to the content approach, marketing of videos remains on your e-commerce website forever. If your company does not specify in explainer videos, then you can invariably try your hands in the explainer video software tools, which are available online.

You can also be in contact with a professional explainer video company and top editing video companies in such a case. They will support you to expand your e-commerce business by providing productive explainer videos that will help you to grab the attention of your target audience.

7.   Easily shareable:-

Whether you want to attract new customers towards your sales process and drive them along the journey of buyers, then think about making a custom explainer video. Custom explainer videos can conveniently be searched on the internet and shared, particularly in case the video is informative and entertaining simultaneously.

Furthermore, website visitors spend 6 times longer on web pages with explainer videos. Incorporated an explainer video on your website and allow your visitors not just determine but understand your objectives, plans and services.

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