Benefits of Having an Explainer Video for Any Business

benefits of having a explainer video

An animated explainer video is a video that is usually short and it is used for the purpose of marketing, brand awareness, product description and most of the time for sales, But an animated explainer is used to highlight the products and services or ideas of the businesses in a well organized and engaging way.

Every explainer video should have several features. A best Animated marketing video must be short in length because a longer video can divert the attention of your audience. An explainer video length should be around one to two minutes maximum. It must distinctly convey the message. It must be focused on a particular problem and also the answer of those problems. It also explains the products and services of the business. A Custom explainer video must have some engaging elements with high quality of Sounds and Fx, both in quality of production and quality of Script Writing.

Here are several benefits of having an Explainer video or Custom Animated Marketing videos that are given below:-

1. Grab Audience Attention:-

A well Animated marketing explainer video is an amazingly strong tool that usually helps to grab the attention of audience or viewer because attention in this era is an asset. It is widely known that a human brain gets more attracted towards entertainment videos that is why it should have some engaging element and that could be a character or anything. When you are watching an animated video your mind commands you to watch it continuously. It is due to the reason that it arouses your interest and it also provides you an explosive platform to know about new things and information.

2. Easy to Understand The Complex Topics:-

A survey found that a human mind learned something after watching an animated marketing video. And a human brain remembers visuals 50,000 times more rapidly than text. So by using creative images and characters etc, you can make your customers understand the importance of the products and services you are providing. We cannot illustrate every exclusive or single product easily because it also involves several types of technical products like software or some other types of specialized equipment that need a detailed explanation. People will absolutely buy the products if they acknowledge its use. If you want to promote your product and services, the best way for promotion is an explainer video because people go through the content which they can easily apprehend or learn.

3. Enhances Web Traffic:-

One of the main benefits of having an Explainer Video is that A Custom explainer video can considerably escalate your web traffic. One of the main reasons for creating an Animated marketing video is that Google loves videos. If you search for any type of content on Google, you must see the list of videos on the first page of Google’s result then your audience can easily find your website if you incorporate an explainer video in your content. Over and above that, if your video is interesting and attractive then the audience will run through more time on your web site. It will improve your website in search engine optimization and boost your ranking in Google search results.

4. Stuck in Consumer’s Mind:-

If you communicate a significantly valuable message with your Animated Marketing video, it will increase the chances of taking action. A best explainer video will stick in your consumer’s mind because if your audience does not get the message that you are trying to convey then it will divert the attention of your audience.

5. Chances of Going Viral:-

There are many social media platforms where you can post your explainer video because these social media sites make it easy and simple for the audience to find your content as there is no limitation that your explainer video is limited only to your content page you can also share it on other sites. If you have a great and amazing video, it means there is a higher chance of it going viral. Once your video has gone viral, you will particularly improve your reach. So you must make such kind of explainer videos that increase your online presence and upgrade the sales of your business.

6. Relationship with Audience:-

A perfect animated explainer video gets so many views in just a few days because people are attracted towards the video more than the written content. In the world of digital marketing, relationships with your customers are very important because valued customers are more profitable or beneficial than new customers and they also invest more money in your business. Furthermore, a repeated and loyal customer also comes to light as your brand ambassador and they will continuously suggest your products and services to others which will lead your business to more sales.

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