A Transformers 3D Animated Movie is Coming to Netflix

TRANSFORMERS. The name is enough to send shivers down the spine of old animation style of movies lovers. The franchise of transformers has come a long way since its start in the early 80s. When started as a simple old animation style of 2d animation movie has come a long way into the high tech 3d animation style of animated movies. Transformers has taken another leap into the mainstream television by venturing into Netflix for its audience.

Transformers about to hit the Netflix:

This vintage classic will be premiered on the streaming giant Netflix in the midst of 2020 according to the sources. This marvel of 3d animation will be features in the shape of a television series which will air in the form of weekly episodes for its viewers. The team has said that they have taken the essence of the old animation style and fused it into small 3d animated movie, which means the audience will have a feel of old 2d animation with 3d graphics mixed together. The producers have said that they wanted something different from the new animated movies that are being released that’s the reason they have kept the old 2d animation touch to it.

The Plot:

The story starts with the exploration of the Cybertron world and it unfolds from that point onwards to an intriguing & action packed battles between the forces of Optimus Prime and Megatron. Watch how the good forces will overcome the wrath of evil forces of this newly refurbished marvel of 3d animation. This series will raise the bar 3d animated movies to a new level all together with old animation style fused with new technology of 3d animation. The producers have said that the graphics will blow everyone away.

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